Super Power

Electric Weightless luggage

 Innovative weightless system makes a 30kg luggage as light as a feather. 

Super Design

U-Shaped side-forward design

Specially designed U-shape means no more dragging and close control of the luggage.

Super Wheel

Massive Off-Road All terrain tires

A pair of large Off-Road Anti-Puncture rubber tires, My SuperCase can easily run on ANY terrains.

Super Battery

Removable battery pack as Power-Bank (TSA Approved & All airlines friendly) 

IATA & FAA approval batteries and the power pack can be removed to use as a power bank to charge your mobile device on the go.


  • Fingerprint Scanner with TSA lock (26” UMOV Lite & Carry on only)
  • Bluetooth TSA Auto Locks with GPS Tracker (26”UMOV only)
  • Digital Scale (26”UMOV & UMOV Lite only)
  • Voice Feedback

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